We pioneered green cleaning in Boise, Idaho

Green Clean

Selway Services is the only Certified Green Cleaning Company in Idaho and we are still leading the charge with advancements in the cleaning industry. Cleaning is so much more than appearance. We create AND maintain a clean and healthy environment in your Boise business & home. Selway Services offers an array of commercial cleaning services & carpet cleaning services. Our clients are leaders in their industry and they turn to the leader in green cleaning to maintain their image. First impressions mean everything in business. A clean and healthy office environment is essential for your clients and your employees.

Selway Services knows there is so much more to clean than just appearance. For us it's about a quality job and quality working conditions. We provide commercial cleaning services that are good for you, good for your business and good for the environment. With more than 50 years combined experience with commercial cleaning in and around Boise Idaho we’ve learned a few things about cleaning along the way. Actually, at Selway Services we have mastered the best ways to maintain the absolute cleanest and healthiest work environments in the area. No other building maintenance & cleaning company can boast a greater history or reputation. State of art equipment created right here in Boise Idaho and the latest advancements in Green Certified cleaning products and cleaning procedures, make the Selway Services team your team.

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Green Cleaning and Maid Services

Green Cleaning and Maid Services

Selway Services uses Betco Products which are committed to developing products, programs and procedures that meet or exceed health and environmental standards.

There is more to Green Cleaning than using “green” products – Green Cleaning is a program.  This program utilizes not only green chemicals, but also equipment, procedures, recyclable paper products and trash liners, micro-fiber towels and mops.

Green Cleaning is more than just cleaning for affect; it is also cleaning for health while minimizing the impact on our environment.

Traditional cleaning has one focus, cleaning for affect.  Green Cleaning focuses primarily on cleaning for health rather than for affect. It does this by utilizing cleaning products and procedures that have lower or no effect on the environment.
Several websites have excellent performance using green cleaning. Please check out these website for your cleaning needs if you are in their area: Oregon Window Cleaning